Harvey Chapter 1

Harvey, dear ole Harvey, you are a storm that many of us will NEVER forget!  You built, you weakened, you stood strong, you weakened, you rallied, you gained strength, and you were persistent in your path.  A truly amazing storm.

My story:

Harvey was supposed to hit with vengeance on Friday night, so that night I decided to stay at my friend’s house.  I did, we ate, watched, and went to bed since things looked pretty calm.  Saturday morning we awoke to a little damage but nothing other than some downed limbs and such.  I went home to prepare to care for Mom and do a few things to prepare for a possible larger lash back from this guy.  Seemed all good, the sky cleared, the sun shone, the rains were light.  No problems.  Did my thing, choose not to go back to my friends house and to go home from my daily activities.  WRONG DECISION.  All of a sudden powerful rains began, things seemed to be moving or pouring so quickly.  My decision at that point was to go back to my friends house.  I quickly grabbed my bag and headed out.  Not six blocks from my subdivision I met up with a flash flood coming straight at me up and down both ways.  The only choice was to jet across the road to a Shell station and hope for the best.  So being the native Texan that I am, I figured that we would see a lull in the action.  After about an hour with the water rising, I decided to call 911 to get me out of there. MISTAKE!  I call (and I am an old woman I am a bit concerned), the 911 operator kept me on the line while answering tons of other calls, (guess they were more panicked than me), so she asks me where I am, I tell her, she asks is their rising water, I answer yes that is why I am calling you, I want out of here before it gets worse, the 911 operator asks how fast the water is rising, I tell her no idea, but I have been her about 30 minutes and it’s risen quickly up the lot. The operator really has no response, so I ask, I am guessing that I need to wait it out?  And she tells me yes please just wait it out.  I don’t know about you but if one see’s rising water that one cannot cross, waiting it out is not normally a calm reaction.  So knowing that I cannot depend on emergency services I hang out and talk to some of the others at the same Shell station in the same situation.  The rain lightens just a bit, the water is still high, one of the older gentlemen that are there at the station asks me where I need to go, I point across the flooded road and tell him, my home is right over there and that I am going to go for it.  He say’s “hun, now is the time”.  So I hop in my suburban and go for it.  MISTAKE!  I make it across the road, only to find that the road I need to be on is a rushing rapid of water, but there is nowhere to go so I click on 4WD and head on.  Made it home all safely, with Gods hand on the wheel.  Stay up the rest of the night (It’s 2:30 a.m.).  Sunday dawns, rain, rain, rain.  Rain coming up the drive, flooding our neighborhood.  Cant drive out so I decide to walk to a cstore and catch a ride to the shelter.  MISTAKE!  Made it to the store (thank goodness Raj is a good guy), my nephew was trying to make it to me, didn’t happen, he just couldn’t get there for me. SOOO, I decide to walk to the local Fire Department and ask for help. MISTAKE! I walk about 1/2 mile to a fire department in a tropical storm, raining like hell.  AND HERE IS WHAT I MEET – I walk in and holler hello, no answer, the trucks are there so I know somebody is around.  I keep on nosing around and hear voices, so I follow the voices and knock on the door as I open it and say hello.  Evidently I broke up some kind of Bro party, cuz they looked at me like a child caught by Momma.  There I stand dripping wet, and they just look at me like I came from the scum bottom of the sea.  So I say, can you help me, where is the shelter from here, I am on foot and don’t know where to do.  The reply I get (while exchanging weird glances with one another) is we don’t know where a shelter is, you will need to find that somewhere.  They didn’t even offer a ride, a place to be safe NOTHING.  So I walk back to the cstore in the pouring rain.  I wait at the store for someone, anyone that may help me.  A young man came in with his son, he was driving a jacked up F150, I asked him where he was coming from, he said everywhere lady, i have been everywhere, I said do you know where the shelter is, he replied, yes of course I have been delivering supplies there all day.  WOW A CITIZEN KNOWS WHERE THE SHELTER IS BUT FIREFIGHTERS DO NOT! I ask him if he would please take me there.  This sweet man was more than happy to help me.


Rod Stewart wasn’t too far off with The first cut is the deepest…….

Do you remember Rod Steward and his wonderful tunes?  I am a fan of his music, and I still today listen to those tunes from time to time.

Today brought to mind, The First Cut Is The Deepest.  Written by Cat Steven’s and supposedly the song about first love.  First love can be a wonderful thing; although we learn later in life that first love is just that, a first love that likely will not materialize.  First love can be defined in so many different ways.  Is it your very fist kiss, is it your very first feeling that one will care for you as they would themselves, is it a love for something other?

As I age through life I find that first love can be many things.  I realize that Rod Steward (Cat Stevens) was talking about a relationship, and yes first loves are often relationship driven.

I can honestly say (and no offense Don), but my first absolute love was my granddaughter Callie.  The very first person that loved me unconditionally, the first person that did not expect from me but cherished me for who I am as a Naenae.  Didn’t want from me, didn’t suck the very life out of me for what I could give.  Just simply a bond and love that I pray will sustain forever between us.

So really Rod Steward or Cat Stevens portrayed the first love as being “in love”, but in life there are many first loves that should be taken in and experienced.  There will continue to be many first loves, embrace them, hold them, enjoy them, because really the first love is the deepest.

What will you embrace today?  Will you love life, food, experience, silence, nature, city life, parades, craft’s, running your business, watching your dream come to life. Although the first love may be the deepest, there are many other first loves that can go just as deep. Depends on the what you want the first love to be!

Live, Love, Support your local business, and until next time, have a great life!


Sometimes life deals us a twist or turn we do not like.  How do we deal with these twists or turns?

Personally what I do is tune into KSBJ and trust that God has this, but sometimes while listening I lose focus and let the enemy into my mind.  I am here to tell you that life can deal a rough hand, but how one handles that rough hand can make or break the person.

Right now, life is pretty good here on the home front; however I do have some certain issues that I am fighting.  I may loose the fight, but I WILL NOT loose the battle.  God say’s that he is on my side. I trust this cuz he said it and I believe it.  Satan will throw me a lot of temptations and curve balls for sure.  Sometimes I fall and lend and ear to his nastiness, but NO, NO, Satan you cannot have me.  I am the child of a King, and whatever you throw at me we will bat back at you.

It’s very difficult to battle the enemy, it really is.  The enemy is strong, forceful, and vindictive; however I remain strong and faithful to my Lord and keep in mind that I am a child of a King, a King, a King that gave his very life just for me.  So guess what life? My Father is a King, and you life cannot EVER take that from me. For I am a precious in His sight!

Are you one of His?

You never look good………….

You never look good trying to make someone else look bad!

I had a recent experience at a certain office that tested my Christianity, my control of temper, and honestly truly hurt my feelings.  However, all in all it was a HUGE blessing

You see I have been with my company for about 14 years.  We are family, we have laughed, cried, experienced death, birth, traveled, helped board homes for storms, supported one anothers children, gone broke, thrived together, and above all we love others as we do ourselves (I have probably left something out here, but you get it).

That we love others as we do ourselves sometimes bites us as we tend to take in stray’s (people) from “the outside” from time to time.  We think of ourselves as a kind of ministry for helping others, as we have helped hundreds of causes from political to raising farm animals, to simply giving someone work or money if they are down on their luck.  For the most part this typically works out, but sometimes there is a stray that simply acts out a little.

Our little office is old and has paper thin walls, one can hear most everything that is said from room to room.  I overheard a newbie telling my long time friend/partner/confidant some outright lies regarding my work, my work ethic, and what others say about me.  My first thought was to bardge in that room and throw a fit; however my real friend and office mate grabbed my arm and said “no you will not go to that level, you are not made of the same material as that person and they are new to the family”.  I stewed and hem hawed about how rude and unfair it was that this person who has no idea who I am, what I am made of, what path God has put me on, nor do they even care about me personally.

I came to the conclusion that putting others down, lying about others, and actually thinking that the person you are tattling to really is believing what you’re saying is simply showing your character.  And as for ME, I have character.  I was raised from GREAT stock, taught to love and respect others and try to surround myself with people of the same values, which is why I am still at the same job, with the same people 14 years later!  Sometime our strays must be groomed.

How is your character, could you use some obedience training?  I know I surely have to stop myself once in a while and pay attention to what character I am portraying.

Today I try again…….

New month, new day, not Monday, simply another new day God has put before me.  I found that when I had my blog and wrote everyday that some things were put in a better perspective as I researched and thought about certain subjects.  This morning on the way to work I was thinking about how for some reason blogging made me feel a sense of purpose, a commitment to do at least one good thing a day, made me stop and think about others so I decided to recommit to this blog thing for myself (cuz it’s not like I have some huge following or anything).

So today I was introduced to Nolan Stilwell via KSBJ.  Nolan is a Chef, a Gardner, an artist, and entrepeneur, a blessing, among many other things.  Nolan is the inspiration of Sweet Heat jam, it is a pepper infused jam.  Nolan has Downs Syndrome but despite of the challenges that he has faced, he has worked through them and has gone on to use the talent’s THAT God gave him.  He has moved forward towards happiness and success in using his love for peppers, gardening, and cooking.  He has been the inspiration and the very foundation of a program that allows for special needs graduates to work and to use skills that they have to prosper.  Here is the link for Nolan’s ministry story check it out.

Sweet Heat Jam

I hope to be able to feature Nolan’s product at our Pearland Small Business Saturday November show, so if you are inspired and love the sweet heat combo, plan a visit.

So many times I myself think,  God, I just can’t do this, I am not equipped, I don’t have the drive, the energy, the spirit, the faith, it hurt’s too much God so I am just going to sit here and drink my wine and cry about it.  And sometimes I do just that, I suppose one could call it pouting.

Then I hear something so beautiful as Nolan’s story and feel ashamed that I am so selfish being that I have a fairly decent mind, energy beyond what I should, ideas galore, and am very blessed.  Silly me my King has equipped me with everything that I need, I just have to figure out how to use what he has given.

Come visit us at Pearland Small Business Saturday!  Never know what you will find.

The Pearland Transgender thing!


Romans 16:17

I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

This old world never ceases to provide amazement to my mind!  And it is not that I am being judgemental towards this Mom or her decisions regarding her child.  It is her child and her decision as to how she will raise this child, it will not affect me one way or the other.



This particular incident is very contrary to what I have been taught to say the least. What I have been taught is that Jesus loves everyone and personal relationships with Jesus are the business of the individual and Jesus.



What I have also been taught is that as Christians we are not supposed to speak evil, to be hypocrites, to judge others, but to love our neighbors as ourselves.  I know, I know, this is sometimes a most difficult task (trust me, I want to sometimes love my “neighbors” little head off) and by neighbor I do not mean the people living on my street.


The safety of this child and his family.  Now that Mom (who claims to be well educated and an ordained minister) has clearly decided to make the decision to go very public with all of this does she really honestly think that this little guy won’t be bullied?  Lady pull your head out!!!  First off kids are CRUEL – and often over simple things like your shoes are green, your hair is matted, your ugly, whatever, kids can be cruel little creatures.  This little person IS going to get bullied.  Mom thought he was depressed because he couldn’t play with girls toys, just wait until NONE of his peers accept him because he doesn’t belong in either group.  Now don’t get me wrong I have black friends, mixed relationship friends (and family for that matter), gay friends, lesbian friends, recovering drug addicts, alcoholics, even a couple of homeless folks so trust me I ain’t one to look down from my high horse, cuz there isn’t one here on my ranch.  But spare the child in this case would be my mantra.


What the heck is this lady thinking??????????  My Callie is five and I get to let her make a decision once in awhile.  These decisions are:  would you like to watch Umi Zoomi, or Bubble Guppies, do you want a juice box or milk, here are two outfits to wear pick which one you want to wear?  The MOST difficult decision this little lady makes is to try choose one from the other.  I cannot imagine her trying to make a decision regarding her sexuality at the age of five.  Oh and BTW – She does play with Ninja Turtles, is in Jiu Jitsu, knows the football rules, and has play cars – this does not mean that she wants to be a boy, it means she wants to be a five year old kid.